Sata-Häme Soi
30th June - 5th July 2015
Ikaalinen, Finland

Tan Jia Liang, Kiina

The winner of Primus Ikaalinen 2012 is Tan Jia Liang from China.

Primus Ikaalinen is not in the programme at 2013

Contestants 2012:

Germany: Radu Laxgang

France: Elsa Gourdy

Moldova: Dorin Grama

Finland: Henriikka Santamaa

Kazakshtan: Samgar Tollkynkhan

Russia: Utkina Ekaterina

Lithuania: Martynas Levickis

China: Tan Jia Liang

Radu Laxgang 

Radu Laxgang, Germany

Fou Rire Medley                                               

Big Band Medley

Radu Laxgang is representing Germany in Primus Ikaalinen Competition. He comes originally from Moldova but he has lived permanently in Germany since 2006. He studies jazz music in Trossingen with Prof. Hans-Günther Kölz. Radu Laxgang is 19 years old but he has already won several prizes in international competitions both in jazz and variete categories.

Elsa Goyrdy

Elsa Gourdy, France

Papillons noirs                                               

Theme Chuiqilin de Bachin

Elsa Gourdy has become famous in France due to her many appearances on TV. Elsa comes from the city of Bourges located in the central France. She is a talented traditional French accordion player carrying out the long and rich tradition of musette style. Her own orchestra is very popular in France to perform in bal-de-musette ball.

Dorin Grama

Dorin Grama, Moldova

Watermelon Man


24-year-old Moldovian Dorin Grama has studied in his home town Glodeni Balt at music school of "Ciprian Porumbescu". Currently he continues his post-graduate studies in Trossingen Germany. Dorin has familiarized himself into jazz music with many international teachers. Dorin Grama knows very well the Moldovian and Romanian music that he uses in a unique way interpreting jazz.

Henriikka Santamaa, Ulvila

Henriikka Santamaa, Finland

Finnish representative, the winner of the Golden Accordion, 23-year-old Henriikka Santamaa comes from the town Ulvila. She is studying music and teaching at the University of Jyväskylä. Henriikka has played accordion for 18 years, she also has piano playing and singing as hobbies.
Samgar Tollkynkhan

Samgar Tollkynkhan, Kazakshtan

Samgar Tollkynkhan comes from Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, near the border of China. He studies accordion in the music academy of Gnesin in Moscow and is tutored by Prof. Friedrich Lips. Samgar won the second prize in the international Trophee Mondiale competition last year in Italy. Samgar is one of the most ecxotic musicians visiting in Ikaalinen as there has never been a contestant from Kazakhstan in Primus Ikaalinen before this year.

Utkina Ekaterina

Utkina Ekaterina, Russia

Letunov: New Year's Gift                                   

Zugankov: Gipsy

Utkina Ekaterina, at age of 27, comes from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. She is an experienced award-winning musician working as a teacher in the local music school. For many years she has been a member of the universally known folk music orchestra “Ossipov” performing in many venues around Russia. Ekaterina is the conductor of the accordion orchestra of  Nizhni Novgorod concervatory.

Martynas Levickis

Martynas Levickis, Lithuania

22 years old Lithuanian candidate Martynas Levickis graduated a few days before Primus Ikaalinen from The Royal Academy of Music in London where he studied classical accordion. Levickis is a versatile musician who became famous in Lithuania after winning the Lithuanian Talent TV Show in 2010. He moves smoothly between different music styles. Martynas started playing accordion at the age of three. In his home country he studied at conservatory of Siauliai and was tutored by Prof. Maryte Markevicien.

Tan Jia Liang

Tan Jia Liang, China

Rosy Clouds Chasing the Moon                                   

Maple Dance with Autumn Breath           

Tan Jia Liang is 26-year-old musician who has been successful in many international accordion competitions in variete categories. He has appeared in the Chinese TV several times and he is considered as one of the best jazz and variete accordion players in China. Tan Jia Liang comes from the city of Shenyang in eastern China. He studies at the conservatory of Peking and participated in many accordion festivals in Europe as well.

Jury 2012

Kevin Friedrich, USA, president of the jury

Grayson Masefield, New Zealand

Frederic Deschamps, France

Jörgen Sundeqvist, Sweden

Yulia Amerikova, Russia

Kaisa Kujanpää, Finland

Secretary Aino Ojakoski

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