Primus Ikaalinen 2011


The Golden Accordion

This competition is the Finnish Championship of entertainment accordion music.

The Golden Accordion is arranged in co-operation with the Sata-Häme Soi Festival organisation, and The Finnish Accordion Association. The first competition was arranged in 1983.

The Silver Accordion

The competition is arranged alongside the Golden Accordion Competition, and is aimed at juniors up to 10 years of age.

The atmosphere is relaxed and encouraging for the young musicians. The competition has been held since 1986.

The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championship

Traditional Accordion music, such as the polka, mazurka, jenka and waltz, played by musicians of all ages. There are separate competitions for chromatic accordions, as well as for diatonic instruments in different age groups respectively. 

Primus Ikaalinen 2014 Contestants

• Xuan Shi, China
• Sergey Lobkov, Russia
• Guillaume Fric, France
• Tiago Inácio, Portugal
• Petar Maric, Serbia
• Henriikka Santamaa, Finland
• Joni Stein, Finland


Ticket Sales

Tickets are available at the festival office: tel +358 43 217 0800